Lunch seminars

We are thrilled to announce the launch of a new initiative from the DTU Centre for Absolute Sustainability --> our monthly lunch seminar. Here we would like to invite YOU --> all our collaborators, or soon to become collaborators.

Let’s come together and build and strengthen the community around sustainability at DTU.

Format: We offer lunch and room for inspiration and dialogue. A space for us to discuss, develop and understand: Absolute sustainability.

At our monthly seminars we will:

  • Share news from the Centre
  • Present scientific topics
  • Discuss newest achievements
  • Invite to Centre strategy co development activities.

And we plan to invite you to co host specific topics, to make this a shared community.

  • Time: Montly seminar, 12.00 - 13.00
  • Place: DTU Lyngby Library
  • Virtual live streaming: High-quality Live-streaming

Coming Seminars: 

  • Lunch Seminar #4 (14 March, 2024): Talk - From Relative to Absolute in 20 min A deep-dive into the notion of Absolute Environmental Sustainability. By Michael Hauschild, Professor and Centre Lead at the Centre for Absolute Sustainability.    
  • Lunch Seminar #5 (18 April, 2024): Talk -  True Sustainability Stories. A talk on navigating sustainability in marketing. By Christian Poll, Sustainability expert at The Centre for Absolute Sustainability & advisor for the Danish Consumer Ombudsman
  • Lunch Seminar #6 ( 16 May, 2024): Talk & Panel debate - Social Tipping Points & Systemic change. Discussion on the Need for Behavioral Change and the Role of Technology. By Rune Baastrup, Director Danish Board of Technology and co-author of the book: After the party - New Pathways for a Better Society without Growth

Register here LINK 


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